Reliance Medical Equipment

Exam/Procedure Chairs

Full power, tilt, manual, tight spaces, economical- whatever your practice demands- Reliance has a solution to fit your needs and budget. Compare Exam/Procedure Chairs »

Full Power Procedure Chairs

980 Procedure Chair

980 exam chair

7000 Procedure Chair

980 exam chair

710 Procedure Chair

710 full power exam chair

Tilt Chairs

FX-920 Exam Chair

fx 920 exam chair

FXM-920 Exam Chair

fxm 920 tilt exam chair

Manual Recline

6200 Exam Chair

6200 tilt exam chair

520 Exam Chair

520 manual exam chair

3000 Exam Chair

3000 manual examination chair

Exam/Surgical Stools

A full line of seat and back options designed and constructed with ease of use providing stability, mobility and durability. Compare Exam/Surgical Stools

5300 Series

5356 surgical stool

4200 Series

4240 exam stool

500 Series

5346 examination stool

Instrument Delivery

Contemporary design matches unparalleled function. We offer centralized instrumentation, pendulum delivery systems, room light and chair controls. Compare Instrument Delivery

7800 IC/NC

7800 reliance instrument delivery

7900 IC/NC

7900 IC floor unit instrument delivery


8700 instrument delivery systems


8722 instrument delivery systems


905 instrument delivery systems

Additional Equipment

We've custom developed additional equipment such as a chair mounted exam light, a room lighting system and a chair glide based on our customers needs.

Room Lighting System

Room Lighting System

Chair Mount Exam Light

Chair Mount Exam Light

ADA Chair Glide

Chair Glide