Committed Partners In Your Practice's Success

Haag-Streit & Reliance Medical Equipment have been committed to ensuring you have the resources, training and information to maximize your practice profits and ensure you're using our products to their fullest capacity and efficiency.

Some of the programs we've developed:

On-line training for the clinical application of the product(s)

We offer online training for all of our products, from setup and installation to virtual training sessions so technicians and assistants are fully equipped with the technical expertise and software familiarity. This can dramatically improve patient thoroughput and accuracy in diagnostic outputs, saving your practice both time and money, not to mention delivering you accurate data to make correct diagnosis and treatment options.

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Being a leader in the industry is truly an honor, but the real power is to ensure YOU also get that information to put into application. We are continually putting on webinars that discuss technological advancements, changes in the industry, and though leadership from some of the industries leading doctors.


Ask the Expert

We recently opened the doors to the community for their toughest questions. We have specialists in every ophthalmology and ENT fields that have the experience and know-how to assist with your unique challenges. From specialty measurements or processes, to product selection, to advice on how to layout your office, we're hear to help. Simply, Ask the Expert.


CAD System - Room Layout Service

If you are opening a new office or need advice on the best equipment for your practice then we can give you professional advice to get you started. We offer complimentary room design, completed CAD drawings and many other services. To eliminate surprises when opening a new office and to provide peace of mind Contact Us today!

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Maintenance Agreements

150 years in business doesn't happen by accident. We love our products, and stand behind them with maintenance agreements that keep your equipment running like it was brand new. Please contact us to learn more about a custom maintenance agreement for your Haag-Streit and Reliance Medical equipment.


HOST (Haag-Streit on site Technician) program

The Haag-Streit HOST Programs provides factory trained and certified field technicians who will travel to your office to rejuvenate your Haat-Streit slit lamp, its accessories and associated products. 

  • Protect your investment, by maintaining the quality and accuracy of your Haag-Streit product
  • Prevent the need for repair and downtime
  • Save you on unexpected repair expenses
  • Will guarantee you Peace of Mind

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