"Do You Need Powerful and Easy Digital Imaging Integration with Your Slit Lamp?"

CM 900
cm 900 digital imaging

Slit Lamp Digital Imaging with Incredible Control and Performance

  • Designed for the BP 900® and the BD 900® Slit Lamp
  • "History Trigger" to rewind time and freeze the moment
  • Tremendous control of exposure
  • Still imaging, plus high-resolution video.
  • Freeze Technology – high-speed capture and data transfer
  • Wide dynamic range, high-sensitivity

IM 900
IM 900 Digital eyescanning

Fully Integrated Compact Imaging Solution for the BQ 900 Slit Lamp

  • Easy intuitive imaging
  • Still imaging and high-resolution video
  • Freeze Technology – high-speed capture and data transfer
  • Easy Touch – precise image-control
  • DFC – depth of field control
  • History Trigger – never miss the perfect image
  • Compact

BX 900 LED
IM 900 Digital eyescanning

Makes the Job of Professional Ophthalmic Photographers 10x Easier - BX 900® Slit Lamp

  • Adapters to fit Canon & Nikon digital SLRs
  • Designed for how professional photographers work
  • Integrated, fully synchronized flash

EyeSuite™ Software

Fast, Intuitive Interface Speeds up the process of disease diagnosis

  • With a fundus camera it's a powerful tool for detecting retinal disease.
  • Used with a slit lamp, EyeSuite™ provides advanced patient information, and high impact display for presentation or publications.


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