See How These Exam / Surgical Stools Make Your Job Easier and More Efficient


5300 Series

4200 Series

500 Series


5356 surgical stool

4240 exam stool

5346 examination stool

Lift Mechanism
Height Adjustment
 Hand with ring
 Hand with lever
Foot Pedal
Height Range
18.5" to 24.75"
20" to 27.5"
17.5" to 25" Standard
Number of Models
Foot Ring

*Specifications may change without notice

RELIANCE Exam / Surgical Stools

The perfect stool to get the job done

No matter what the occasion, you can pick from many different exam stools to ensure the perfect fit

Each of our incredible series features different models to address every need. Our exam and surgical stools are designed to cover all areas of use, whether it is for a delicate surgery or a simple examination. Pick a stool which is most important for you: with a back, without a back, a waterfall seat, a round seat, etc. Everything is adjustable to fit every body type and place of comfort. Also, pick from the many standard upholstery colors to design your stool even more to your liking.

Comfortable exam stools ensure patient satisfaction

With a relaxed feel, patients will feel less anxious. Without stirring or discomfort, productivity is severely increased and both you and your patient save some time. With the ability to adjust (whether by foot or hand) the height of the surgical chair, you no longer have to worry about physical strain. All seats are wide enough to comfortably hold the individual to avoid slipping or fidgeting.

Surgical stools feature stability you can rely on.

All of our exam stools are created so you can enjoy your work, free of hassle. With durability as a primary objective, you can count on the perfect balance of sturdiness and easy use. All stools feature five legs to distribute weight more evenly. Stool legs also extend beyond the seat’s circumference to provide stability in the sit-stand position. Some of our surgical stools even feature floor locks to help prevent from accidental rolling or disturbance. This maximal stability will keep you and your patients from worry and more focused on the procedure.

A completely economical stool to save you time

The exam and surgical stools are designed so that you adjust many different areas of interest so you and your patient can get the job done more effectively. Rugged 2 1/2” casters, molded from hard rubber, provide easy mobility. No matter what type of floor you have, your stool effectively functions on any type of surface. Soft rubber casters may be specified as an option for use on hard floors.

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